Chakra- Circle, Vyuh-Formation

Load your weapons and gather your teams to enter Chakravyuh, CCS poses before you the assortment of events of all sort to feed your code hunger. Get your fingers ready to hustle, braincells fired up and bring your squad of warriors, this time, Chakravyuh 2k19 is back with more. Mark your calendars for 5.11.19 - 11.11.19 as Chakravyuh brings you plethora of technical events.

Chakrvyuh: ease to enter, barriers to exit
Inheriting the name from the roots of Indian history it symbolises indomitable fortitude, uncanny wit and hunger for success. So, fire up your soul and tighten your seatbelts, these power packed 7 days will ignite your soul and fasten your heartbeat because something riveting is coming for you. Even Abhimanyu coundn't come out of Chakrvyuh victorious..can you ??


Point Out

It is rightly said, "An empty brain is a devil's workshop " So brainstorming is a good option. Isn't it? "Chakravyuh", the most awaited tech fest of the year hosted by Creative Computing Society is back again. This year, it presents you with Point Out. A cut-throat online code battle where all your skills will be strained to the maximum extent possible; be it coding or decision making. EVERY SECOND COUNTS!!! Are you ready? 20 questions,1 round, and 2 winners. Do you think you have what it takes to be a champion? Clear all your appointments for November 5, 2019, and be prepared to witness greatness in a fun way.


3very techie out there gets thrilled on hearing the word *h4ck*. All you cyber feaks get ready f0r an intense brain sweatout, as we badger you with intense hacking situations. We r3v34l to you the the weeklong Capture The Flag event of Ch4kr4vyuh 2019 "I_see_U". So g3t re4dy f0r the bigg3st cha11enge of r0bustness, fortitude and c0urage b3caus3 this 5 day event wi11 keep u on the edg3 of ur se4t from the b3ginning. Calm cann0t b3 k3pt anym0r3..As th3 c0untd0wn b3gins..Stay tun3d f0r m0r3 updates. 67|97|112|116|117|114|101_84|104|101 _70|108|97|103 !!

Bob The Breaker

Did you know Steve Wozniak designed a classic game 43 years ago? Well, guess what. We redesigned it! Get ready to smash some blocks and showcase your coding skills to climb the ladder. With The onset of CCS’s tech fest, Chakryavuh, we bring you Bob The Breaker, the modern Atari Breakout wrapped up with a twist of programming. Newbies, don’t worry we got you covered as well!

Code Rush

It takes utter pondering and expeditious analysing capability to break the codes and unravel the mystery behind them. So are you ready for the challenge ? Chakravyuh, the most electrifying and anticipating tech-fest hosted by Creative Computing Society presents, a two-round team event ‘Survival Of The Wittiest’ and ‘Coding Wars’ where first you and your crony battle other geeks and showcase your skill set in decoding various logical, technical and non-technical questions to survive for the next round of Competitive Programming. To hunt successfully and reign to the top, you must know your valour and weapons to survive till the end & hold the keys to the kingdom.

Code Equity

1-2-3 Sold! No this isn’t your normal auction, this is CodEquity. CodEquity is an exceptional blend that involves coding, logic, and risk. Think you’re fast enough? Do you have the courage to risk it all? Well, this is your chance to showcase your skills. Join us at this spectacular event during the week of Chakrvyuh.


Charge up your laptops,warm up your fingers, fasten up your seatbelts as CCS brings you 'HACK TU' , the Hackathon you all had been waiting for. It's that time of the year again when you fuel up your brain cells and compete your way to the top. Get ready for the biggest challenge of audacity, endurance, determination and CODING SKILLS . So all you Hackers out there stay tuned and get ready for the time of your life as we are </back> with a </bang>


>REJOICE PROGRAMMERS, An 18-year-old boy has anxiety and can't sleep. He starts popping sleeping pills. With each pill, he gets further into a dream. In the dreams he sees his mom being killed. He can stop it if he identifies the murderer. How will he do it? Can you help him? Last but not the least, CCS brings to you CODECEPTION, an online competitive programming event, in association with coding blocks. The winner of the event will get a direct wildcard entry into CCS and the top participants will get goodies from coding blocks. So, hop on and get ready!